Email 2.0

The BBC Website has an interesting report on from the South by SouthWest Festival. The article discusses how Status Updates on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Yammer are become much more pervasive. David Sacks, founder of business social network Yammer is quoted in the article saying"We are all in the process of creating e-mail 2.0"

So what does this mean in the "real world"? As discussed in the article "You used to e-mail content to people and you had to choose who you wanted to e-mail it to and you didn't know if your friends even wanted to see it...Now you can passively put something out there and let people engage with it."

I can't ever seen an end to email being used as it does now within Law Firms. We'll all need to communicate with our external clients. There may however be a case for replacing som email conversations with this richer form of communication especially where you can add related content like pictures, Web Links, Videos etc. Some of the internal Microblogging tools certainly go some way towards this but there may have to be move away from the concept of blogging before the idea is widely accepted.