How to become a succesful twitterer...

So you've signed up to Twitter but you're a bit scared and not exactly sure what you're supposed to be doing, Tweets, Twits*, Twonks*, Retweets, Twitpics it's all a bit alien.

Never fear, help is here from the iLibrarian and a useful post she has published to her blog called 8 Useful Tips To Become Successful With Twitter this is described as "a useful introduction for Twitter users, both new and experienced" so lets have a look and see how I fare...

  1. Above All, Keep It Personal - Okay not too bad I use my real name (sort of) picture well I'm in it sort of. Are my posts about me? Mostly...
  2. Learn From Others - No don't do this.
  3. Get A Good Desktop Client - Yay Twhirl is my preferred Twitter Client
  4. Use Twitter On The Road - No failed again
  5. Tracking The Results - No I don't look at any Statistics so failed again!
  6. Follow And Be Followed - I follow as many people as possible
  7. Integrate Whenever Possible - Yes my Twitter account is integrated with Facebook and FriendFeed and my Blog posts automatically post themselves on to Twitter
  8. Don’t Over-Think It - I never try to over think anything!

So a grand total of 5 out of 8 not bad but must do better!

*These are definitely made up words