What's your social media drug?

The Shifted Librarian has written an interesting post here, in which they describe which Social Media tool they currently use and the reasons for their choice.

Deciding which Social Media tool you're going to use and then sticking to it, is actually harder then it might seem, despite the fact that many of them offer very similiar functionality they could potentially all be used for different purposes.

For example Facebook could be for friends and family, LinkedIn could be for business contacts and colleagues. Twitter could be for friends and family for updating them on what you're doing and your Blog could be the place where you "sell yourself" and write more detailed posts on what interests you and what is important to you. But as the Shifted Librarian says how can you..."keep up with everyone all the time"

In the post the Shifted Librarian describes how they use a tool called Friendfeed which consolidates all their Social Media feeds (including updates from their friends) into one single application. I've been using Friendfeed as well for a while and have to say I'm not a big fan, I can see how it is being used but I'm still not inclined to use it to see what my friends are doing, although I am registed and do "feed" my updates from Facebook, Twitter and delicious to Friendfeed.

The Shifted Librarian's post also has two pieces of advice, which no one should ignore:

  1. "Never hit the "older" or archive button - this will just open up a whole world of trouble
  2. "If you keep refreshing it will never, ever stop"