Is it all doom and gloom?

If you've read a newspaper or looked at the Web recently you cant help but have noticed that people keep talking about a "Global Economic Crisis" or "the Downturn" or a "Credit Crisis" or worst of all "Recession" but is it all doom and gloom and what as Information Professionals can we do to ensure we survive the downturn?

First of all I'm trying not to worry about it too much, hard to do when job losses in Law Firms are being reported on an almost daily basis and more importantly there are things you can do to demonstrate the value we provide. This is discussed in Doom and gloom, or time to prosper? (KM Legal Magazine - Subscription required) the article is an interview of Toby Brown (Client relations manager at Fulbright & Jaworski) and More than just an overhead (KM Legal Magazine - Subscription required)

I'm also going to be attending a seminar organised by CLIG on "Researching the credit crisis - how information units can help steer a course through troubled waters" which looks like it will be very useful. For more information on Managing Library units during these troubled times I recommend reading the following posts, which were published on the Strategic Librarian blog.