Are you Hot or not?

Anne Welsh at the First Person Narrative blog has pointed me in the direction of this new Website "Hot Stuff 2.0"

From the About section of the website:

"HotStuff 2.0″ is an automatically updated blog developed by Dave Pattern (Library Systems Manager, University of Huddersfield, UK).

RSS feeds from
over 800 library related blogs are collated on a daily basis and analysed in an attempt to discover new and/or interesting topics. Not all of the blogs have posted something new since HotStuff was launched, so the number of active blogs is lower.

A daily blog post is generated using a single word that has seen a marked increase in usage over the last few days. A “Word Wheel” image shows the strength of the links between that word and other words that have also recently seen an increase in usage. This can sometimes help to put to the words into context, but mostly it’s just an excuse for some eye candy!"

I like the idea behind Hot Stuff and certainly fancy checking out some eye candy so will be submitting my Blog for inclusion asap!