Us Now

The Headshift Blog recently posted about this Film Project they have been involved in. I'd love to be able to see the film, but unfortunately it is too short notice for me to attend the screenings.

Anyway the film is about the "power of mass collaboration, government and the internet" Some of the clips are well worth watching, especially the interview with Liam Daish, manager of my local football club Ebbsfleet United.

In case you're not a big follower of Ebbsfleet United as well being the current FA Trophy champions they are owned by their fans, that's right their fans as part of the web community My Football Club, what this effectively means is that fans can vote on players they would like purchased, put forward ideas for tactics etc and this is what Liam discusses "collaborative management" If that term doesn't exist I'm going to claim it!

There are also some intersting clips of MP's talking about the potential for "Open Source Government" although my feeling is that some of this already happens, at least at a local level. Below is the trailer for the film if anybody wants a sneak preview of the content...