The Three-E strategy

Following on from a recent post during which I asked why more law firms aren't using Web 2.0 I read a very interesting article in the Educase Quarterly on a strategy for overcoming resistance to technological change.

This can be a major issue for any organisation trying to implement a new piece of technology and can ultimately lead to failure. So what should your strategy be, well the article suggest a three step approach.

Firstly your technology should be "evident" and this means two things (1) Users must be made aware of the new technology (2) Users expectations must be set in terms of costs and the benefits associated with using this new technology.

Secondly and this might sound obvious, the new technology should be easy to use and intuitive. This is an area that is often neglected so getting it right from the start rather then having to make wholesale changes weeks or months into the rollout is a good thing!

Finally the new technology should be essential, so don't just implement micro-blogging behind the firewall because it "is cool" There has to be a requirement for the technology that goes beyond someone just thinking, well it might be useful one day!