So you think you're doing Enterprise 2.0?

Looking for an introduction to Enterprise 2.0 and some thoughts on what Enterprise 2.0 really is? Then take a look at this post from the Library Clips blog.

In in the author asks, whether "you really are doing Enterprise 2.0" since there has been much discussion recently around what the focus of Enterprise 2.0 should be. Is it about new technologies or is about users and the networks they are in?

The author then goes on to discuss the different ways of implementing "Intranet 2.0" in your organisation, these are described as;

  • Tactical Social Computing - where individuals start using Blogs or Wkis to get their work done, but the tools aren't widely distributed within the organisation. This as the author suggest is a "great stepping stone to...broad implementation"

  • Enterprise Web 2.0 "this approach is more focused on the use ofWeb 2.0 oriented architecture and Web application frameworks (AJAX, XML, AIR, ATOM, RSS) rather than the social aspects such as blogs and wikis"
  • Enterprise 2.0 "…an Enterprise 2.0 strategy is something quite different from either the tactical use of social computing or the narrow adoption of Web 2.0 technologies - it is both a technology and business change, where social computing tools help flatten and also reflect the flatness of organisations"

A useful article for anyone interested or involved in Enterprise 2.0 or Web 2.0 application.

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    # by James Dellow - Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    James - you can actually download the article and see the presentation I wrote that describes the different ways of implementing "Intranet 2.0" that Libary Clips quoted in their post here and here