Enterprise 2.0 for KM Professionals

I don't usually write about Enterprise 2.0 in this blog, I have another blog where I write more extensively about Enterprise 2.0 but the following post on the Portals and KM Blog caught my eye. Entitled "Forrester on Enterprise 2.0 for KM Professionals" the post describes a recent Forrester report on Enterprise Web 2.0.

Bill provides a summary of the report, which is unfortunately way out of my price league, some of the points he makes will definitely be of interest to anyone thinking about or currently looking at Enterprise 2.0*

First up some of the options organisations face:

  • You could for IT to provide approved Web 2.0 tools, but this might lead to competitive disadvantage
  • You could use some of the Web 2.0 tools available externally but this might cause headaches with IT and these tools aren't designed for use within an Enterprise, unless you want to spend some serious money

Then the technologies that you could use, no surprises here with RSS, Social Bookmarking, Widgets and Wikis all mentioned. Finally Bill outlines the conclusions from the report my favourites "set your expectations: Web 2.0...will improve the business, but not transform it..." and "no one pointed to any one tool as must have"

An interesting post, just a shame I wont get to look at the report!

*Enterprise 2.0 = making Social Media available behind the firewall (check Wikipedia for a better definition)

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    # by Mary Abraham - Saturday, December 20, 2008

    Thanks, James. I experienced the same sense of frustration when I saw the price tag on that report. It's a shame they can't make more of it freely available to us.

    - Mary

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    # by tenorgil - Sunday, December 21, 2008

    I'm the author of the report that Bill reviewed. Let me know if there is something specific you wanted you know about the report. gyehuda@forrester.com

    Gil Yehuda