35 tips for getting started with social media

I love this list of 35 tips for getting started with Social Media. Some of my favourite tips...

  • "Find the top 50 blogs in your space, and subscribe to their RSS feeds in Google Reader. Consistently be on the lookout for new blogs, and the voices behind them."
  • "Listen to what's being said about you. Create Google alerts to monitor for positive or negative chatter."
  • "Become an expert in your field. Try to align and surround yourself with the best tools, and people to accomplish this. It's all about networking, networking and networking. Take it offline when permitting. Organize local social media meetups and tweetups. Make it an effort to attend trade shows when possible."
  • "Be omnipresent on all the networks. I should be able to find out about your latest happenings, and or statuses if I am browsing your Facebook profile, Linked profile, Twitter or FriendFeed stream"

I hope I'm doing at least some of these!

[Hat Tip - iLibrarian]