Sittingbourne 10 2008

Its October its wet and windy so what better way to spend a Sunday morning then running through the delightful Kent countryside, to be precise the villages in and around Sittingbourne in the Sittingbourne 10, that's 10 miles not 10k or 10 metres unfortunately.

This was my first competitive race since the Dartford 1/2 Marathon in July so I wasn't expecting a decent time, so I was over the moon when I completed the 10 miles in a new personal best for 10 miles of 1: 18:24 despite the horrible conditions and becoming thoroughly drenched after 1/2 a mile!

My next race is the Petts Wood 10k, last year I picked up an injury just before this race so was unable to take part. I'm looking forward to running this race for the first time.