CILIP Graduate Open Day - Part 2

Following on from my previous post, I've decided to write a more detailed post about the CILIP Graduate Open day I presented at earlier this month.

Mostly because I promised CILIP I would, but also because after my second session on "Getting published" I thought it would be useful if I shared with everyone my top tips for "Getting published".

So these are my top 10 tips (in no particular order) for "Getting published"

(1) Start posting to a blog, it's easy and free and once you start building up an audience it may lead on to more writing opportunities.

(2) If number one sounds too much like hard work then investigate if there are any blogs already in existence that you could blog to as a "guest blogger"

(3) Write at work, if you have an "internal" staff magazine suggest articles for it and if possible get involved in its production.

(4) If you attend a seminar or an event, offer to write a report of it for the group that organised it. I can guarantee they will jump at the offer!

(5) Apply for a Conference bursary and attend a Conference, normally attendance at a Conference as part of a bursary will involve writing a report of the Conference for the organisation that gave you the bursary.

(6) Bit scary this one...speak at Conference, some conferences ask speakers to write up their presentation for inclusion in a journal or newsletter.

(7) Get involved in committee work, if you do there are bound to be opportunites to write reports for professional journals or newsletters.

(8) Suggest a column for a newsletter and then offer to write the column yourself!

(9) Become an expert on something and start sharing your knowledge either through a blog or through presentations, once people know you are an expert the offers will slowly trickle in.

(10) Not a tip of getting published but my final piece of advice which is to write about something you're interested in and which you're enthusiastic about, this will show in your writing and will encourage readers to keep coming back for more.

That's it, does anyone else have any tips for "Getting Published"?

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    # by Rory Kingan - Monday, November 17, 2008

    Nice post. For me I think the most pertinent are 9 & 10 - "Become an expert on something" and "write about something you're interested in" - that's the great thing about web publishing and what it's all about: people getting really deep into a topic and adding value beyond the generic overview that anyone can give.