Portal to Progress

An interesting article here in the latest issue of Legal Week which discusses whether Law Firms are missing out on Business growth because of a "reluctance" to use Web 2.0/Social Media technologies" on the whole this is a very positive article which demonstrates (with practical examples) how Social Media can be used by a Law Firm for both business growth and as a means to encourage collaboration amongst fee-earners.

Some highlights from the article:

"One way in which innovation and know-how can be boosted dramatically is via the use of a wiki — which functions like a cross between a constantly evolving brainstorm, a research team and a library. Fleeting corporate and individual insights can be trapped and expanded. This cuts down on emails and meetings, while increasing the natural momentum of collaboration. Wikis can be wholly internal affairs or they can be used to develop common knowledge sets with suppliers and collaborators"

"The holy grail of any consultancy — or legal ‘sale’ — is to engage clients in progressive discussion of their issues so that an instruction becomes more or less inevitable. As a fully interactive technique for engaging your clients’ attention, a good blog offers considerable potential"

"Web 2.0 also offers strong potential for widening and sustaining circles of actual or imagined ‘friends’, business contacts, recruits or otherwise interested parties. Unofficial Facebook groups for employees of major firms have already arisen spontaneously, producing new linkages and challenging orthodox brand boundaries."