Links and connections...

...or how to make Web 2.0 work in a law firm environment is the title of a really interesting article in the latest edition of the Legal Technology Journal, not available online unfortunately. In it Damien Behan who is IT Director at Brodies discusses his experience of making Web 2.0 work in law firms.

I met Damien earlier this year at an Enterprise 2.0, where he came in for some stick not fairly in my mind because conference attendees thought he was there to slate the use of Web 2.0 within the commercial sector. This wasn't the case at all, although he had (and I hope he wont mind me saying this) some reservations about certain applications like Facebook being used by the business.

So it is interesting although not unexpected to see him writing a very positive article on how Social Media can be used within Law Firms especially the use of Blogs and Wikis by Brodies.