Are you wired or tired?

Information Overload is an age old problem, which occassionally people have another stab at addressing. The i-Librarian has very kindly highlighted an interesting article published in the latest edition of Ariadne

In the article the author suggests ten techniques for managing "the overload". These are listed as:

  • General Organisational Techniques
  • Filtering Information Received
  • RSS Overload Techniques
  • Interruptive Technology Overload Techniques
  • Phone Overload Techniques
  • Email Overload Techniques
  • Print Media Overload Techniques
  • Multimedia Overload Techniques
  • Social Network Overload Techniques
  • Time and Stress Management

This is actually a really useful article for dealing with a problematic subject so hurry up and read it so you can become wired rather then tired!