Are you multi-faceted?

I've just finished reading an interesting article in IWR Horizons (not available online unfortunately) written by Julia Hordle of Intelligent Resources. In it she describes the skills required by todays information professionals if they really want to make their way in our profession. Some highlights from the article:

"Today, expectations are high. Professional support staff are expected to be fluent in the use of an array of communications tools; email alerts, newsletters, RSS feeds, blogs wikis and web publishing"

This is all good but then there are some downsides to investing/experimenting with Social Media and Web 2.0 technologies:

"There is tremendous scope for reputational enhancement (as well as damage) and for the development of loose communities of interest"

This is so true, sometimes the use of new technologies can be fantastic and provide you with opportunites that would otherwise not be available, but it is important to understand how visible using these technologies can make you and that balance is important between using these tools for business and personal reasons.