How to get to Intranet 2.0

The Thoughtfarmer blog (I love that name although it scares me slightly ) has an interesting post on how to 2.0 your Intranet. The post is essential 10 steps to Intranet 2.0, whch are...

  1. Blow up the old intranet (okay)
  2. Turn users into authors (basically give everyone editing rights)
  3. Expose the social content of all content (every piece of content should say who created it and where they work)
  4. Make things findable (obvious one this one, good intranets have great search engines)
  5. Send signals when content changes (installs RSS in other words)
  6. Provide scaffolding/a framework to support new content (This is all about structure and about providing something for people to work around rather then create something from scratch)
  7. Hold a barn raising to populate initial content (Essentially - get loads of people in a room and start migrating or creating content)
  8. Make them use it...once (Once they try it...they might like it)
  9. Lead by example (Get someone "senior" to create content)
  10. Get the intranet "in the flow" (If your Intranet is part of a Workflow or you have to go on to your intranet to do something e.g. write a document, people are more like to use it for other things)

The worlds a virtual stage

Gary hayes of Personalize Media has created this 7-minute video which takes the viewer on a tour of over 40 social virtual worlds. Hayes is working on a commercial report exploring the creative, business, and educational potential of the metaverse and has some preliminary insights in his post here. This is really interesting video, I certainly didn't know that Barbie World existed. One for my daughter in a few years time!

[Found by the i-Librarian]

Web 2.0 Videos

Recently someone asked me whether I knew of any videos that "explained" Web 2.0 and I have to admit I drew a blank initially before I remembered the following which I thought would be useful to share:

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

Probably the most famous of all videos about Web 2.0 that has ever been posted on Youtube...brilliant!

An introduction to Web 2.0

Not great - but explains most of the concepts and the move from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0?

This is okay...much more of a technical introduction.

Social Networking and Libraries

Because the blog was locked down for a few days I've been a bit slow to post about some of the really interesting posts I have seen recently. A couple that have caught my eye have been about Social Networking in Libraries.

The first, "Managers pay attention: Why social networking and Web 2.0 is important to your Library" by David Lee King looks at how and why you should be using Web 2.0 technologies and finally some tips on how to implement Web 2.0 technologies.

The second is the Librarian in Black's post "Ten Social Networking Tips for Librarians" I loved this post which is full of practical tips on how to get the most out of using Social Networking sites. My favourite tip had to be the following...

"Use a photo of a real live person. Please be as lively as possible - this is "social" networking after all. At best, use a photo of a real librarian or some cool tricked out avatar you create to be your virtual face-piece on all social networking sites. At second best, try your library's logo. If all else fails, try a photo of your library building. But...the building shouldn't be your first choice. It says "hey, we're about bricks & mortar!"

Officially...not Spam!

I'm pleased to be able to say Blogger has classified me as officially not being Spam. Good to know, I was worried there for a moment.

I don't follow the Blogger Blog, but perhaps I should because they have two posts on the "issues" they encountered on Friday...Spam Fridays and You are not Spam!