Taking the pain out of RSS

I don't think RSS is a pain but I really enjoyed reading this article which describes the ticTOCS project. "The aim of the ticToc's project is to develop a service which will transform journal current awareness by making it easy for academics to find, display, store, combine and re-use journal tables of contents (TOCs) from multiple publishers in a personalisable web-based environment"

Sounds great and it works, at least according to the article it does. Now although this article isn't directly relevant to the Legal Sector if you want to promote the benefits of using RSS to individuals then extracting some of the content from this article would be a great place to start. For example...

..."Use of RSS for the distribution and receipt of frequently updated online content of various kinds is becoming increasingly widespread"

"RSS has certain advantages over e-mail as a way to be alterted to new information" RSS Feeds include direct links to articles, and RSS is less intrusive as an alerting method - you can look at you RSS feeds whenever you want"