How to use Social Media tools..and still stay productive..

...sounds difficult doesn't it?! but it cant be done and to prove it Lifehacker has published a post on exactly how to do it. The article has three main principles to using Social Media and staying productive they are:

Principle 1. Set a North Star

Here you need to ask yourself, why am I or why do I need to use Social Media tools? Is it as part of the work or do, to waste time or for a combination of both of these.

Principle 2. Apply the Pareto Principle

This principle which you can read all about on Wikipedia states that "80% of the value comes from just 20% of the content you read" mind boggling but apparently true. So to apply this to your use of Social Media tools you should review what you use on a regular basis, weed and unsubscribe from RSS feeds you don't use or don't find useful anymore and concentrate instead on the content that is really useful.

Principle 3. Schedule Time to be Social

This principle is about ensuring you set time aside to be social and time when you need to work. One of the other principles I would apply when using Social Tools is to use your common sense, if you're blatantly "mucking around" on Facebook and you have decided to use Social Tools for business then you're not applying this principle. Other then that relax and enjoy using them for what they are but try not to get too distracted/caught up with using them!