Do we need to work harder in a downturn?

This is the title of an interesting article on Fumsi (part of Freepint) which to anyone with any common sense the answer would be obvious - Yes must worker harder to show how valuable I am.'s not just about working harder, it's also about adding more value and making yourself more visible to those individuals (managers) who make decisions about funding and staffing. The article has 10 Top tips on how to survive a downturn, which I have listed below:

1 Make sure senior managers understand how much value you add.
2 Understand how a downturn changes your employer's business focus.
3 Provide the right resources to reflect these changes.
4 Be proactive in providing new business leads.
5 Be ready to renegotiate contracts with information suppliers.
6 Have clear usage figures so you can contain costs.
7 Train end-users to use information services cost-effectively.
8 Be ready to deal with the impact of information industry mergers & acquisitions.
9 Be creative in exploiting quality lower price material.
10 Update your core skills - and be visible!

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