Cliffe Woods 10k 2008

Surprise surpirse on Sunday I ran yet another 10k this time the setting was Cliffe Woods in Kent for the rather originally named Cliffe Woods 10k. Unfortunately the run didn't take place in any woods which meant runners had to endure temperatures in the mid 20' when you're pounding the mean streets of Kent.

Thankfully there were not one, not two, but three, yes three water stations along the route and boy did we need them. The best part of the run had to be being hosed down by a very kind old man in a garden that adjoined the course, bliss!

Despite the heat and the fact that I had never run the course I managed a very decent time of 45:25 so naturally I was disappointed not to run a sub 45 10k, but I was over the moon when the results were made available online and I discovered I had come 91st (first time in the top 100 for a race) out of 446 runners! I'd like to thank the runner who always wears union jack shorts who I paced myself against!