Legal Online communities : An opportunity waiting to happen

Paul Lippe Founder and Chief Executive of Legal OnRamp has written an interesting piece in the most recent issue of Legal Week. In it Paul argues that for lawyers to dismiss applications like Facebook and other Social Networking sites as a fad is a mistake. Why? well Paul argues that the development of online communities is an important step for the legal sector and in many ways an online legal community reflects laws traditional "community model"

Not convinced? Paul then lists 10 reasons why an online social community is suited to law:

  • Law is a social profession
  • Legal content and expertise are developed and shared socially.
  • A social platform is the easiest way to go global.
  • A social platform can address clients’ demand for greater efficiency
  • A social platform can be used to manage privileged work.
  • A social platform gets lawyers closer to clients.
  • Social platforms will change the competitive dynamics of law.
  • Participating in the broader community is the best way to energize your own community.
  • An online community could prevent future shock.
  • Social platforms are not about technology, they are about people.