Leaping into the Dark : Web 2.0 and law firms websites

This is the title of an interesting article in the latest issue of the Society of Computers and Law journal. In it the author looks at the ways in which law firms are adapting their websites to take account of Web 2.0 technology. The article is the result of a survey undertaken by Intendance Research

One of the highlights from the article is the following "The same survey contains the following statistic: 65% of respondents agree that incorporating Web 2.0 will be a key component of their online strategy within the next 1-2 years. This clearly shows that the majority of firms are warming to the potential benefits of Web 2.0, yet the overriding feeling is that many firms are unsure of which applications work best for which audiences"

So it would seem that Law Firms feel that incorporating Web 2.0 technologies into Web sites is a good thing but there are some concerns around what "will work best" and not alienate the users of the site. An interesting article, if you wish to read it you will need to be a member of the SCL to read this article.