BIALL Conference 2008

Last week myself and 399 other Law Librarians attended the 39th Annual BIALL Conference. This was held in the lovely and very welcoming city of Dublin. The Conference was called "Beyond the Pale" with the general theme being planning for the next information generation.

There were a number of sessions that I was quite excited about attending, including Lesley Robinsons' Plenary Session on the Information to Knowledge Process and "Web 2.0: the Yellow Brick Road or Fools Gold?" The second of these sessions included a short presentation by Martin De Saulles, the slides from this presentation and the presentation he delivered on Friday are available on his blog "Information Matters" this was an interesting session the high point was hearing Sue Hill speak passionately about Web 2.0 despite the fact two weeks ago she didn't know a huge amount about it. It just proved in my mind how infectious Web 2.0 can be and how enthusiastic people are about it and the potential it has for delivering new and exciting services to our users.

Web 2.0 was also discussed in Sues' session "Will Librarians be needs in 2010?" the answer to this was yes of course, but only if we learn to adapt to the changes that are taking place in our profession and whilst doing so, start learning new stuff!

The session I was most looking forward to was of course the one I was chairing! this was delivered by Steve Weiter and was called "Who is really computer savvy?" the session looked at practical applications of Web 2.0 in Libraries (predominantly the US). This was a thought provoking session that certainly made me think about how we are currently using Web 2.0 technologies and what we can do to encourage users to use these new technologies and also how using these new technologies can create their own problems. I'm hoping Steve will make his slides available online, so watch this space.

Overall a really interesting Conference although I am still to traumatised to leave my office, guitars can be dangerous in the wrong hands!