Whistable 10k 2008

Yesterday, whilst most people were enjoying an ice-cream and the sea air, I alongside 649 other brave souls took part in the 2008 Whistable 10k this was advertised as a "flat and potentially fast course" so I was hoping for a good time.

Unfortunately I didn't have the greatest start in the world, the first K took just over 5 minutes, which made my target time of under 45 minutes look difficult. In the end I was 20 seconds over 45 minutes which was annoying but still have a new PB! I was also overtaken on the finish line so got pushed down one position to 164 out of 582 runners, not bad. My next race is the Darent Valley 10k the course is described as undulating so I'll look forward to a lot of hills!

In case you're wondering I thought it was time I actually wrote about Running, I am after all the "Running Librarian"