There is no Web 2.0 or Web 3.0 only "the Web"

I'm a bit late reporting about this really interesting article on the Read Write Web blog but I'm going to anyway! In it the author argues that current definitions of Web 3.0 are very similar to existing definitions of Web 2.0 and that for Web 3.0 to be "meaningful" "we'll need to see a serious discontinuity from the previous generation of technology" and that ultimately "versioning doesn't really matter - the web is the web"

I'm finding myself agreeing with the article in general, especially after a conversation I had with someone I went to school with around whether Web 2.0 is actually a meaningful term. They didn't think it was and that tools like Facebook, Twitter and Blogs should be described as Social Media Tools rather then Web 2.0 tools. I definitely agree with this and that calling other tools available on the Web, Web 2.0 tools can actually be a barrier for their adoption if people think they are linked somehow to Facebook! I wonder what other people think?