Want to see some serious cash...?

...then don't bother with Web 2.0...is my rather harsh appraisal of this article from the Financial Times which was originally reported on by the Blog Herald. They have a short piece on the article which is well worth reviewing.

There is no Web 2.0 or Web 3.0 only "the Web"

I'm a bit late reporting about this really interesting article on the Read Write Web blog but I'm going to anyway! In it the author argues that current definitions of Web 3.0 are very similar to existing definitions of Web 2.0 and that for Web 3.0 to be "meaningful" "we'll need to see a serious discontinuity from the previous generation of technology" and that ultimately "versioning doesn't really matter - the web is the web"

I'm finding myself agreeing with the article in general, especially after a conversation I had with someone I went to school with around whether Web 2.0 is actually a meaningful term. They didn't think it was and that tools like Facebook, Twitter and Blogs should be described as Social Media Tools rather then Web 2.0 tools. I definitely agree with this and that calling other tools available on the Web, Web 2.0 tools can actually be a barrier for their adoption if people think they are linked somehow to Facebook! I wonder what other people think?

The use of Web 2.0 by law firms in New Zealand and the UK

Earlier today I was interviewed by Jessica Loud, currently a Law Librarian at Sidley Austin, for a research project which is looking at the factors which contribute to the successful adoption and implementation of Web 2.0 technologies. From Jessica's original email "The study aims to provide guidance for practitioners working in the field who are thinking about using these technologies in their own workplaces."

Jessica had some really interesting questions and it was great to be able to talk about how we are currently using and thinking about using Web 2.0 technologies to another Law Librarian and one that was appreciative of the benefit and value from doing so. It sounds like the study will be very interesting and I'm looking forward to reading the results.

Social media in Plain English!

Whenever you see in "Plain English" you have to think Commoncraft and yep you're right, they've produced another brillant video, this time explaining Social Media, enjoy.

[Hat tip - iLibrarian]

Web 2.0 and real-world law

Earlier this week I attend a PLC organised seminar on Web 2.0 and real-world law. This was a seminar that was primarily aimed at solicitors so I felt like a bit of a cheat when I saw the buffet lunch they had laid on!

Once sated the seminar was delivered by Professor Chris Reed of Queen Mary School of Law at the University of London. The seminar primarily covered Second Life and the Intellectual Property issues raised from buying, working and living in Second Life which slightly disappointed me but there were some really interesting issues raised around personal property law and whether property in virtual worlds can be "stolen", Real Property Law, Trade Marks and notably "Virtual offences" against the person.

This last area is quite interesting because you wouldn't think that virtual worlds or virtual activities could have an effect on your body, but that could soon change with the introduction of things like the Hug Shirt which allows you to send virtual hugs, just don't give people bear hugs and the KissPhone I'm not sure how I missed this, but the less said about it the better I think!

Podcasting in plain English

The team at Commoncraft have done it again, this time with Podcasting. Podcasting is something I would like to investigate but I'm wondering how many other people are currently "Podcasting"?

Pretty but hilly - Darent Valley 10k

Yesterday whilst most people were enjoying a lie-in or just thinking about what they were going to have for breakfast I took part in the Darent Valley 10k, this was described as "undulating" and was exactly as described.

The course took in the delightful villages of Eynsford, Farningham and Lullingstone and there was even a chance to look at Lullingstone Castle, albeit briefly as we raced past it and up another hill! Sadly the hills obviously took there toll as I finished with a time of 46:13 but managed to come 69th out of 335 runners, not bad for a mornings work!

My next race is the SheRunsHeRuns Bluewater 10k, where I hope to set a new PB

Tag anyone...?

Damien Behan of Law firm Brodies has written an interesting article in the March 2008 edition of Managing Partner Magazine. In it he discusses how one option to categorise information is for individuals to decide on keywords or "tags" for themseleves and apply these as they create the document rather then rely on a central KM or Library team to create/maintain and apply the tags.

This is very detailed look at how Tagging could be used in the Legal Sector and some of the issues associated with doing so. As a result I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in social bookmarking or tagging within their organisation.

[Note - You will need a subscription to Managing Partner Magazine to read the article online]

Is SharepPoint 2007 the answer to every enterprise's dreams?

This was the question posed by TFPL at their recent Sharepoint Conference which was reported in the CILIP Update from May 2008.

The Conference had a number of different session which looked at how SharePoint could be used, what is missing and where it has worked, the details of the sessions and some additional notes from the Conference are available on the TFPL Blog.

SharePoint is a tool that I'm sure a lot of Law Firms will be looking closely at in the next few months either to replace or update existing Intranets/Collaboration tools or to supplement the applications they have already.

Why Web 2.0 - Part 2

Next month I'm delighted to say I will be speaking to the Scottish Law Librarians Group about Web 2.0. This will be a re-run of the talk I did earlier this year for the City Legal Information Group with some updated content (its amazing how quickly things move on). This will be the first time I have been back to Edinburgh since the BIALL Conference was held here, conincidentally Edinburgh was the very first BIALL Conference I attended, so lots of memories there.

Before then I will be chairing a session at the BIALL Conference this session called "Who’s Really Computer Savvy ? Web2.0 Technologies and Your Library" will look at a number of things including; What Web 2.0 applications are available and how they can be used in Law Firms Libraries and Academic/Special Libraries. I'm naturally excited to be chairing this session and will no doubt ask Stephen a few questions in advance of the session which I will post on the BIALL Blog. All in all an exciting few weeks ahead.

Whistable 10k 2008

Yesterday, whilst most people were enjoying an ice-cream and the sea air, I alongside 649 other brave souls took part in the 2008 Whistable 10k this was advertised as a "flat and potentially fast course" so I was hoping for a good time.

Unfortunately I didn't have the greatest start in the world, the first K took just over 5 minutes, which made my target time of under 45 minutes look difficult. In the end I was 20 seconds over 45 minutes which was annoying but still have a new PB! I was also overtaken on the finish line so got pushed down one position to 164 out of 582 runners, not bad. My next race is the Darent Valley 10k the course is described as undulating so I'll look forward to a lot of hills!

In case you're wondering I thought it was time I actually wrote about Running, I am after all the "Running Librarian"

Libraries Unleashed

I'm a bit late on this one, so just in case nobody else has seen it the Guardian has published a special supplement called Libraries Unleashed, the focus is very much on Academic Libraries, but there is some useful background material especially around the use of Web 2.0 tools for learning.