Implementing blogs and wikis - Web 2.0 for law firms

The Knowledge Thoughts Blog has very kindly posted the slides from Matthew Parson presentation at the recent KM for the Legal Profession Conference. In this presentation Matthew, who runs his own consultancy, discusses whether Web 2.0 tools and approaches are relevant for Law Firm Knowledge Management. His primary focus is on the use of Wikis and Blogs.

With regard to Wikis, Matthew argues that Wikis are...

  • "Great value as content publishing tools for PSL's
  • Great for building, where culture fits
  • Clearer fit in back office where less risk"

I'd certainly agree with the last point and have discussed on many occasions how Wikis could be used to replace existing guides and procedure manuals to create a much more dynamic resource. Matthew also says that Wikis "Need to address relationship with other internal web content" This is certainly true and as more and more Law Firms begin to look at how Wikis and other Web 2.0 tools can be used to create and share knowledge they will need to think carefully about how the content that is created is fully "integrated" with other Content Management/Knowledge Sharing tools.

In the final part of his presentation Matthew talks about the use of Blogs, one of the key points he makes is that Blogs provide a real sense of community and are a better method for news distribution then other tools. Strangely Matthew makes no mention of RSS which although probably only a supporting partner can be key in the successful implementation of a Blog or a Wiki. Overall a really interesting presentation, which is well worth reviewing.