Enterprise 2.0..the Conference

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to secure a place at an Ark organised conference called Enterprise 2.0: The evolution of collaboration in your business no prizes for guessing that the Conference was about how businesses could use Social Media/Web 2.0 technologies to encourage/improve Knowledge Sharing and working practices.

I was especially interested in hearing Richard Dennison talk about how BT currently use Social Media/Web 2.0, they pretty much have everything, Blogs, Wikis, Forums, Podcasts, you name it they have it!

In terms of content the second day was much more relevant for anyone attending from a law firm, with presentations from Daniel Behan IT Director at Brodies LLP who talked about some of their policies around Social Media (including Facebook) and the impact that it can have on their business. Later on Ruth Ward from Allen & Overy talked about the Blogs they implemented a few years ago. I was interested to hear from Ruth on whether they incorporate content from the blogs into their Knowledge Management System.

I also met a delegate who had the same surname as me which was bizarre as I have never met anyone whose surname is spelt the same as mine, they thought we might be related...so there you go!