Why Web 2.0 - slides and links

So my presentation on the Opportunities and Challenges for using Web 2.0 was yesterday. It seemed to go well, only time will tell. Anyway if you weren't there and wanted to have a look at my slides, here they are. I have also included a list of all the sites referred to at the end of this post.

The most interesting part of any presentation is of course the questions and there were some quite interesting ones last night:

  • Are other firms experiencing issues with Firewalls?
  • Have you any suggestions for dealing with IT Departments, who don't allow access to these technologies?
  • What RSS feeds are Law Publishers providing for their content?
  • If you had a blank piece of paper, what technology would you implement?
  • How can you leverage knowledge from Social Bookmarking tools?

For a full list of the sites shown click on this link