Its people that matter not technology

An interesting post here by the Dissident on the use of Social Networking tools. He argues that you don't actually need Social Networking tools to "network" with people, you could just talk to them and that although Social Networking tools/technology are great they are in fact only enablers, that is the method by which people network with each other, taking the enabler away doesn't necessarily mean that people wont network, they will just use another method. As an individual I imagine one of the questions you would have to ask yourself is whether you would continue to network with those people you only currently network with on a Social Networking site?

I don't agree entirely with what is said in the post, but I can certainly relate to some of the arguments raised especially;

"building the best website with all the latest social media widgets will deliver better/more effective engagement with citizens"

I couldn't agree more with this and in fact the best looking website in the world which is widget and collaboration tool rich might decrease the chances of people collaborating because the technology scares them. The Web 2.0 tools that are available today certainly make our lives easier and I'm a huge fan of some of the collaborative/social networking tools available, especially the use of Wikis within law firms, which in my mind seem to sit well with the Knowledge Sharing culture that most firms have in place. However as someone once said to me recently, there is no point creating a Wiki to collaborate with colleagues if you are the only person creating content and one of my favourite comments about a Wiki, an empty Wiki is like an empty dance floor on a singles night, not a very attractive proposition.