IM for the Enterprise?

The IWR Blog has an interesting post on some of the issues around using Instant messaging in the enterprise, the issues include:

  • A downturn in productivity
  • Security issues
  • Legal issues
This comes on the back of Facebook announcing that they are implementing "Facebook Chat" or Instant Messaging for Facebook as I like to call it.

I'm a big fan of Instant Messaging, although it can as the post suggests be "subject to misuse" used properly it can be a wonderful tool for connecting with individuals when an email would take too long to create and you don't want to "disturb" them with a phone call. Instant Messaging can be especially useful if you work in an organisation that doesn't have a central Library or Information Centre where you would like to keep in contact with your colleagues and update them with work you are doing or asks them quick easy to answer questions.

Finding the time for Web 2.0

Anne Welsh at First Person Narrative has made the slides from a presentation she delivered recently available on her blog. This is a really useful presentation which looks at how you can use Web 2.0 technologies to assist you with tasks you currently undertake and to potentially replace/improve some of the services you might currently provide.

There is even a mention of the UK Law Librarians campaign for Legal Publishers to provide RSS Feeds for their book and journal catalogues.

RSS Feeds: Managing the Mechanism

An interesting article here in the latest issue of Freepint on how to manage RSS Feeds, in it the author argues that although RSS "promised" that it would save us from Information Overload increasingly users are being swamped by it.

There are some useful tips in the article, with the following the main points;

  • Choose your software or service carefully
  • Organise your feeds
  • Read your feeds as part of a daily routine
  • Prune your feeds regularly
  • Mark "all as read" even when they aren't
  • Subscribe to search results where possible

The final point is to enjoy yourself and have fun and that means subscribing to feeds that might not be related to the work you do, which I certainly embrace!

Why Web 2.0 - slides and links

So my presentation on the Opportunities and Challenges for using Web 2.0 was yesterday. It seemed to go well, only time will tell. Anyway if you weren't there and wanted to have a look at my slides, here they are. I have also included a list of all the sites referred to at the end of this post.

The most interesting part of any presentation is of course the questions and there were some quite interesting ones last night:

  • Are other firms experiencing issues with Firewalls?
  • Have you any suggestions for dealing with IT Departments, who don't allow access to these technologies?
  • What RSS feeds are Law Publishers providing for their content?
  • If you had a blank piece of paper, what technology would you implement?
  • How can you leverage knowledge from Social Bookmarking tools?

For a full list of the sites shown click on this link

Why Web 2.0?

It's my talk tonight on the Challenges and Opportunities of using Web 2.0 within Legal Information Units. I'm quite excited about presenting properly for the first time on this subject. I'll let you all know how it goes and post my slides to the Blog.

Its people that matter not technology

An interesting post here by the Dissident on the use of Social Networking tools. He argues that you don't actually need Social Networking tools to "network" with people, you could just talk to them and that although Social Networking tools/technology are great they are in fact only enablers, that is the method by which people network with each other, taking the enabler away doesn't necessarily mean that people wont network, they will just use another method. As an individual I imagine one of the questions you would have to ask yourself is whether you would continue to network with those people you only currently network with on a Social Networking site?

I don't agree entirely with what is said in the post, but I can certainly relate to some of the arguments raised especially;

"building the best website with all the latest social media widgets will deliver better/more effective engagement with citizens"

I couldn't agree more with this and in fact the best looking website in the world which is widget and collaboration tool rich might decrease the chances of people collaborating because the technology scares them. The Web 2.0 tools that are available today certainly make our lives easier and I'm a huge fan of some of the collaborative/social networking tools available, especially the use of Wikis within law firms, which in my mind seem to sit well with the Knowledge Sharing culture that most firms have in place. However as someone once said to me recently, there is no point creating a Wiki to collaborate with colleagues if you are the only person creating content and one of my favourite comments about a Wiki, an empty Wiki is like an empty dance floor on a singles night, not a very attractive proposition.

Twitter - explained

The team at Commoncraft have put together another great video, this time on Twitter.

Sweet & Maxwell Google search

Has anyone else noticed that you can now search the Sweet & Maxwell catalogue directly from Google, you could do this previously using the advanced site search functionality in Google, but now when you search for Sweet & Maxwell there is a nice little box to search the actual site. Have a look at the screenshot below.

Sweet eh...