Lawyers Crushed by Information Overload

This is the attention grabbing results of a Survey by Lexis Nexis which looked at the information requirements of all "white-collar" professionals.

Laywers appear to be particularly affected by Information Overload with 80% reporting being overloaded with information and 70% reporting that they spend too much time sifting through irrelevant information.

Having said that "nearly 70 percent of lawyers said that finding specific pieces of legal research is easier today compared with two years ago. Virtually all agree that having leading-edge legal technology is crucial to cutting through the clutter. For the lawyers surveyed, the most important technology tools are those that return comprehensive results, focus on the lawyer's practice area, provide analysis and expertise in addition to data, and are regularly updated. Less than half thought it was important to have a tool that offers access to online communities where they can discuss issues of law with their peers."

Hat Tip - Legal Blog Watch