Are you an Information Hub?

This is an interesting post from the Headshift blog which reports on a piece of research carried out by MIT Sloane Research the research basically looked at emails flows and found that:

"Information workers whose strong e-mail networks allow them to receive new information sooner than their peers -- or to receive more pieces of new information -- are likely to be more productive than their less well-connected counterparts. Workers who are "information hubs" complete more projects in a given period of time and thus generate more revenue for their firm. As part of a study of an executive recruiting firm conducted over a five-year period, the researchers were able to analyze ten months of the firm's e-mail traffic. While the content of the recruiting firms' e-mails was encrypted to ensure individuals' privacy, the research team could track the flow of particular encrypted words through the firm's e-mail network. The researchers then correlated those findings with data (provided by the firm and by individual employees who voluntarily took part in a survey) about factors such as individual workers' project workload, project completion time and compensation -- to gain dramatic new insights into productivity in the Information Age."

It's a shame as the Headshift blog says that they didn't look at other communication tools like Twitter or the use of RSS.