Second life...the Second coming?

Last night I was lucky enough to attend "Working in a virtual world; why companies, law firms and libraries are doing business in Second Life" which was organised by the City Information Group and hosted by TFPL. This was a very well attended event with delegates from Law Firms, Banks and other institutions so there it was apparent that there is some interest in how Second Life can be used both by businesses and by the information teams working within those businesses.

I have to say I was slightly disappointed at the end of the night, not by the Speakers who both delivered very good presentations about how they currently use Second Life and how they see Second Life developing, but because there was very little focus on how Libraries can actually use Second Life in "real life".

Of course there are some excellent examples of Libraries and Librarians that are using Second Life, so it was unfortunate that Kate Fitx from Sacramento County Public Law Library wasn't able to join the seminar. I would have been very interested to hear how she created and developed their presence on Second Life. Having said that I think Second Life is definitely worth taking a look at, especially in relation to Training and Conferences, these were some of the uses of Second Life that David Naylor from Field Fisher Waterhouse talked about.