Are Thomson serious about Social Networking?

The House of Butter Blog is reporting that Thomson/Westlaw have made their first tentative steps into the Social Networking market with the purchase of U.S. based Contact Networks. Contact Networks main product is an application called ContactNet

"ContactNet, the first and most powerful social networking application built specifically for corporate environments, automatically uncovers, aggregates and prioritizes a firm’s internal relationships with external business contacts. Now, determining “who knows whom” is as simple as doing a Google-like search, with no data entry or ongoing database maintenance."

It will be interesting to see what plans Thomson/Westlaw have for the products ContactNetworks provide and at what point we might see the first implementation in the UK. House of Butter seem generally excited about this acquisition or rather the ramifications;

"We imagine that any other networking companies with software that suit the legal market will be rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of this purchase by Thomson / Westlaw. It means that not far behind will be Lexis Nexis with their bulging pockets of cash ready to snap up somebody who can keep them in the game."

I guess we will just have to wait and see!