News feeds...finally

I've just checked what's in the works for Facebook and finally they have announced that they are looking at News Feed stories from your groups, from Facebook;

"News Feed stories about your groups.

News Feed will start showing stories that keep you aware of the activity going on in your groups."

I have to admit enjoying being part of different groups but in reality the group functionality on Facebook is pretty poor, for a social networking site this is one area where it really lets itself down. The addition of News feed stories for groups which I hope will include information like new items posted, new messages, new photos, new members (for group administrators at least) will add hugely to what could be a really useful area of the site. On the downside you could be inundated by News Feeds from groups you belong to if the group has 1000's of members. Hopefully Facebook will include an option or a preference to not receive News Feeds from specific groups.

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    # by Dumpling - Tuesday, December 04, 2007

    Fab: it's one reason I've not really bothered joining many groups on there, cos I never remember to go back to them.
    It's like having to blog hop every day to find out if anyone's posted - pointless and frustrating.

    Now at least I'll get regular prods about group activity: cool!

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    # by Meg - Thursday, December 06, 2007

    Oh, that will be helpful! Particularly when it comes to keeping tabs on things like the BIALL group.

    Although, also a reason to leave a bunch of groups that I half-heartedly joined and then forgot about.