Facebook Fridays

I love this Press Release from U.S Company Serena, I wonder how much it will catch on in the UK, Social Networking saturdays anyone?

...and finally Merry Christmas to all my readers!

Online Information 2007

Yes I was there and speaking and yes it has only taken me 3 weeks to add the Slides to Slideshare and nab the code to embed it, but here they are...at last, enjoy and Merrry Christmas!

A quick guide to Second Life

The iLibrarian has posted what looks like a really useful guide to Second Life on her blog.

Who are LNB keeping Company with?

Nick Holmes has posted today on Lexis Nexis Butterworth's first foray into Web 2.0 proper. Company Law Forum aims to provide a forum for Legal and "business community to share insights and discuss company law-related issues"

I've had a fairly detailed look at Company Law Forum and for a first attempt it is okay but not great. I have several issues, firstly I'm not sure what the site is trying to be, is it a Blog, a Forum, a collection of Know-How, a Wiki? Secondly some of the functionality has good intentions but fails, like the RSS feed which is available from the left hand corner of the screen, what is this for? the site, the page you are looking at, individual discussions? LNB need to add some clarity around these.

Finally and my biggest concern is how many contributions they will have from the Legal and Business community. LNB are in a difficult position because Elsevier (part of Reed Elsevier) have some fantastic Web 2.0/Collaborative sites like 2Collab this is used extensively by researchers and physicians who are already working together. The legal sector isn't the same unfortunately, law firms for the most part work independently rather then collaboratively so encouraging a fee-earner/lawyer to post content/their knowledge on this site may be an uphill struggle. Having said that I think LNB's intentions are great and should be encouraged, the million dollar question is can they and other legal publishers find a Web 2.0 solution/application that can be applied effectively in the Legal sector?

Social Networking sites are like buses...

...you know you wait for one and then not one, not two, not three but four come along at the same time. What are you supposed to do then? well hopefully this post on the Social Media Today blog will help you decide which Social Networking site to join.

Thumbs up or thumbs down...

An interesting article here in the Intranet Journal in the article the author makes some "fearless" predictions about sites like Flick, Facebook and Youtube by giving them a Thumbs up or Thumbs down, not hugely scientific but great fun nevertheless.

Web 2.0 and Time Management

Anne Welsh (Chambers Librarian at 18 Red Lion Court) has produced an excellent Presentation, which she delivered at Online earlier this week, on how Web 2.0 Applications can be used as Time Management tools.

I love the idea of Semi-automated blog posts and using the brillant Commoncraft videos for training purposes. Anne's blog is well worth adding to your feed subscriptions.

News feeds...finally

I've just checked what's in the works for Facebook and finally they have announced that they are looking at News Feed stories from your groups, from Facebook;

"News Feed stories about your groups.

News Feed will start showing stories that keep you aware of the activity going on in your groups."

I have to admit enjoying being part of different groups but in reality the group functionality on Facebook is pretty poor, for a social networking site this is one area where it really lets itself down. The addition of News feed stories for groups which I hope will include information like new items posted, new messages, new photos, new members (for group administrators at least) will add hugely to what could be a really useful area of the site. On the downside you could be inundated by News Feeds from groups you belong to if the group has 1000's of members. Hopefully Facebook will include an option or a preference to not receive News Feeds from specific groups.

Social Media Slideshows

Two slideshows here that caught my eye, thanks to Lo-fi Librarian for the first one;

UKeiG Top Search Tips

The UK eInformation Group has listed some "Top Search tips" on its Blog. These tips were provided by participants at the ‘Google and Beyond’ workshop they held recently.

Blogs in plain English

Another great video from the guys at Commoncraft

Happy Blogday!

My blog is a year old today, happy Blogday to me!