Selling Law Librarianship..

...I'm really not sure what to make of this article which is published in the November edition of the AALL Spectrum.

Firstly I wouldn't trust the person on the front cover to sell me anything, then there are some of the suggestions for building a set of skills for making you more effective. Some of these are very good (I'll come on to these later) but some are just bizzare and I'd love to see a Law Librarian do them, lets start with Personal Development Skills:

"Always smile when you answer the phone. You can sense the positive energy over the phone lines" - H0w? wouldn't your jaw lock after a while and can you really speak whilst smiling?

"Keep a mirror near the phone. Check you reactions and keep tabks on your expressions during phone interactions" - I'm wondering where I should put this mirror? on the ceiling, on the phone itself, under the desk, in my pocket? Isn't it also rude to check yourself out whilst speaking to someone?

Then there are some very practical suggestions for promoting and providing services to Clients, including;

"Communicate one application of service a week"

"Target about 10 attorneys (fee-earners) at a time for a small campaign"

"Find a champion within a practice group to introduce a Library service"

All in all an interesting article which is worth reading, although if you are like me you will need some time to recover your composure before finishing it.