Will publishers bet on pixels?

For anyone who wants to ditch the traditional book format and read a book electronically the Telegraph online has published an article on the take up of e-books by publishers. Some interesting quotes in this piece:

"Publishing has to evolve or it will die,"The cyber generation spends the majority of its leisure and work time in front of screens and we need to find ways of taking books and author-led content to this audience."

All interesting stuff, but I don't really see this as being the end of the book as we know it. Individuals like reading books in different formats, sadly I used to once buy all my books in hardback until I realised how expensive it was becoming. Nowadays books can be bought in either hardback, paperback or audio formats and the addition of e-books is just going to widen consumer choices. This in my mind is a good thing.

"The notion of taking the reading experience online may reclaim some of that lost ground. Just as cinema did not kill theatre and TV did not kill cinema, it seems that e-reading is unlikely to kill the printed book. Each new piece of technology is another chance for self-expression"