Shameless plug!

Emily Allbon who I've spent many an hour deliberating the finer points of LORD with has recently relaunched the website she created for the Law Students at City University.

From the site itself "Lawbore is tailored to City students but we hope it will be useful to anyone with a legal interest. Our mission has always been to make as much of its content available for everyone freely as possible. Our directory aims to present resources selected for their quality rather than quantity, and to avoid presenting long meaningless lists of links."

The sites includes some very innovative use of technology the "How to Find your way around the Law Library" presentation is great and I really want my own avatar, although the prospect of my head talking randomly is slightly scary.

Completely unrelated but also a plug is the article that Jennifer Findlay has written in IMPACT on how she used a Wiki when compiling her portfolio for CILIP Chartership. The Career Development Group is a worthwhile group to join if you are new to Librarianship. Jennifer is the author of the blog Jennie Law