Staying afloat in a flood

John J Meier who is based in the U.S writes about how to "Stay afloat" when dealing with the flood of new technology that just seems to keep on coming, he says;

"Librarians need to critically evaluate new technologies to determine if they are useful to professional needs. Whether you call them Web 2.0, emerging technologies, or social networking, the number of new digital tools available is mind-boggling"

Mind-boggling indeed! He finishes his article with a short glossary containing explanations of some of the most well used technologies.

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    # by Dumpling - Friday, September 07, 2007

    Very true: I'm working hard to assess what's relevant to me...e.g., will I really need presentation software knowledge right now, when we don't do presentations? Do I need to know good website building software, when I don't build websites and we have an IT department to train me if I did?

    Even at that though, it takes time to learn about the technologies with enough understanding to know if they're relevant for me!