Should Facebook be banned?

The whole world seems to be talking about it, so I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon. The question on everyones lips at the moment is "Should Facebook be banned" I don't mean globally of course I mean by organisations who consider it to be too much of a "distraction" or not "business critical"

There have been loads and I mean quite literally loads of posts about this subject, rummaging through them the following struck me as interesting.

Information Overlord has a post on Telstra (a communications company) banning their staff from using Facebook, very odd and as Scott says "Facebook is only a waste of time if people aren't doing the jobs they are paid to do" The Melcrum Blog has a post on whether it is right to Ban Facebook at work, they pick up on a piece in the Daily Telegraph and argue that banning Facebook from work is a very "shortsighted" view of the world.

Most posts about Facebook argue for it rather then against it and I have to agree with them that not allowing people to use Facebook is very shortsighted also surely Facebook is just part of a wider suite of tools that are distracting...I'm thinking MySpace, Blogging, The Web, the Water Cooler, The Tea room....