Law Libraries use and abuse

This isn't in fact the title of this article but my take on the subject matter of the article. The article which has a U.S bias poses some interesting questions about the current use of Law Libraries and the resources held within them by fee-earners (associates).

The most interesting question is whether the increased dependence of online legal research resources may be leading to a "myopic research strategy". The author of the article William P Atkins states, “in relying so heavily on a singular case found electronically, the researcher adopts a view ironically constrained by technology, its boundaries set by what a keyboard and mouse can deliver to us, not by the totality of information out there.”

In lamens terms are fee-earners missing information because they rely too heavily on using online information sources? I wonder if there is a question here for Law Librarians too, should we rely less on online sources then we currently do?