This is a rather odd post from one of the team at Cogenz a social bookmarking application. In it they reference another post "An introduction to Enterprise 2.0" which says;

"Marketing teams could use social bookmarks for competitive analysis to track what a competitor is doing; Sales could use it to learn and share information about targeted companies; knowledge workers could use the technology to track a particular subject such as Exchange Traded Funds or cell phones. What’s more, people can share these lists, and the data lives on even after an employee leaves the company."

I guess the point that is being made is that these links are then "public" and accessible by all, but then isn't most information on the Internet. The second question which is reiterated in a comment about the post is how many people, knowledge workers, marketing teams are actually doing this, probably very few.

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    # by Meg - Thursday, August 09, 2007

    My guess is that Cogenz is pointing out the danger of public delicious bookmarks to sell their private bookmarking service, which looks like it could be useful for companies wanting to harness and push use of bookmarking on a company-wide level. I think there's a firm law librarian who has built an internal version of for his firm.

    What I haven't seen mentioned in any of the posts or comments so far is that it's very easy to designate all or selected bookmarks as private!

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    # by hypatia - Thursday, August 09, 2007

    I have the intention to start using for tracking information at work (not that we've managed to start actually doing it yet). We wouldn't be using it to track sensitive information though.

    The thing to bear in mind, I think, is that a) it is possible to lock your account so that only you (or whoever has the login) can see it, and b) they have to find you first - it's very hard to track down someone's account if they don't make it publicly known. I don't think it's as worrying as they make it out to be.

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    # by Unknown - Thursday, August 09, 2007

    Now I see the point Cogenz are making! Thanks both for your comments like you say you can easily mark your bookmarks as private which negates any "information leakage"

    I think I might have just created a new term!

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    # by Unknown - Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    It's kind of the point we are making, but remember that making your bookmarks "private" means exactly that - they are only viewable by you.

    That's pretty pointless if you want to start using social bookmarking to share information with people inside your company, but not outside.

    Meg sums it up very well, and Cogenz is pretty much an internal version of

    Hypatia - re your point a) see above. Re: b) they don't have to find you, they just have to search or subscribe to tags that you and others might be using.