Are you a "Librarian 2.0"

This is an interesting post which a lot of people have picked up on. In it David Lee King looks at whether people can be clearly called "Librarians 2.0" and argues that in fact there is a spectrum that ranges from the very traditional librarian to someone who uses Web 2.0 tools on a daily basis.

The spectrum is available here but I would read the post first. David has also just published a post on whether Library 2.0 is actually techie at all! All very interesting.

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    # by Dumpling - Monday, August 06, 2007

    And (a discussion I've recently had) is, is it "two point oh" or "two oh", or "two point zero", or "two zero"....very hard to know, if you've only ever read about it and have never had a proper discussion 'in person'! It's impossible to find a pronunciation guide...just a random moment from me there!