A wikied vision for the future

IPKat reports on a meeting that took place on Wednesday between "legal practitioners, academics and information managers" during which they discussed the creation of an IP Law Wiki. This would work on 4 levels;

  • At its core would be primary and secondary legislative materials - statutes, subordinate legislation, directives, regulations and international treaties
  • These core materials would be accompanied by links and/or references to legal judgments and office decisions relevant to them
  • A third tier would consist of links and/or references to articles, case notes and other published materials with bearing on the first two levels;
  • Individual comments would also be accommodated, this allowing for the possibility of developing discussion.

This is a huge underaking and I wish the team behind it the best of luck. IMPACT the Blog run by the IP Team at Freeth Cartwright writes about the potential impact for the traditional providers of these services (Lexis Nexis Butterworths and PLC)

"These services could find themselves struggling to achieve the same quality of information, available as quickly, as that which could be managed by multiple law firms working together."

However the IMPACT Blog also goes on to say that there will always be a demand for these services as the Law Firms contributing to the Wiki are unlikely to have access to the latest law reports or court judgments.

Something to monitor closely!