LNB (UK) a "Nightmare"

This is the attention grabbing headline of an article in Excited Utterances. The article specifically talks about how there is a perception that LNB are "dragging" their feet when it comes to integrating their content with customers intranets or portal products to provide federated searches.

Melanie Farquharson who chaired the recent Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession conference, is quoted as saying "no longer does the lawyer need to know their way around a large number of sources and applications. Pockets of information that have previously been a black hole somewhere in the firm can now be opened up – and joined up in a coherent way. Furthermore, time-consuming processes, such as the maintenance of expertise databases, can be made more efficient – not necessarily to exclude human intervention, but to give that intervention a head start"

The question is, are LNB are dragging their feet? I think if we were to draw direct comparisons between the amount of information LNB maintain (millions of items) and the amount PLC maintain then we might begin to see some of the reasons. However this is a growing area and LNB need to provide flexible, adaptive and most importantly cost effective solutions which work both for the end-user (fee-earner) and for them.