Frightened by Facebook?

Two stories this week about Facebook have caught my eye. The first from the Metro is how University chiefs have been "spying" on students through Facebook. Essentially students have been publishing pictures of themselves on Facebook "celebrating" results.

Univestity chiefs believe some celebrations go too far and are trying to identify "culprits" by searching Facebook. The story was also reported in the Times and the Daily Telegraph. The other story was published on and tells that tale of a journalist who was forced to hand over the contents of his contacts list to his former employer after he left that company.

The story goes on to say that "If a social networking site is used to hold any information which relates to your employment, if that information is prepared in the course of your employment you are dealing with company property" a message for us all?

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    # by Dumpling - Friday, July 20, 2007

    Hence why I never identify my workplace online anywhere(and recently suggested a co-worker to remove her reference to our workplace on her Bebo profile for her own good), and try to keep work and personal separate...and why I'm still standing strong against joining FaceBook, seems too easy to blur the line between work and friends on it!

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    # by Unknown - Friday, July 20, 2007

    I'm beginning to feel a bit like that myself. However I think common sense plays a part, for instance my email address is displayed on Facebook but it is secured so that only my friends can see it. I'd also never put details like my mobile phone number and home telephone number on there.

    I do have references to my employer on Facebook but not on here although people can guess where I work.