The end of Blogging?

This is the title of an article in the Blog Herald in it the author discusses whether Social Networking sites mean the end of Blogging as a communication tool. The author is very much in the no camp and I have to agree.

Social Networking sites are great at what they do and I have to admit to being hooked on Facebook, but as it stands at the moment they are not the medium for creating quality content, unless you were to throw a site like Pageflakes into the mix, but is this really a Social Networking site?

On the other hand I love blogging and the the world of Blogging (the Blogosphere) but there are an awful lot of Blogs that are started and then just die a death, there is also a lot of other content which I will describe as "dross" for want of a better word which gives Blogs a bad name and can be a barrier to their use.